Our Beautiful Cats

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Exceptional soft , plush coats and laid – back temperaments as adults. Ragdoll kittens are playful and bring you hours of entertainment. They are usually pointed cats which means they are mostly white with with a seal/chocolate or a blue/lilac color on their ears, feet, face and tail.

These are also called “traditional ragdolls”. There are also some that are less common or “non-traditional” . These include the minks and the solids. Finally, they have a specific pattern. Bicolors
have a Raccoon like mask, mitted have little white feet, and lynx have a finely striped pattern on their ears, feet and face.
We are a small , family hobby cattery located in the western suburbs of Chicago. Mom is a veterinarian and we have lots of pampered pets. We especially love our beautiful and unique kittens!
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